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Federal Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

As the long battle that was the 2014 Farm Bill demonstrated, there is extraordinary strength in a united coalition of forward-thinking dairy farmers, loyal progressive processors and loyal entities along the dairy supply chain. When these sectors of the dairy industry came together, a forward-looking dairy policy that encourages growth in both domestic consumption and exports of dairy products results.

Today, even dairy farmers who were not previously involved have acknowledged that the policy advocated by the coalition has resulted in the producers best results in years. Processors engaged in supply for domestic consumption and exports want more milk than ever, and forward thinking farmers are growing their farms to meet that demand.

That said, long established large organization had‎ historically taken advantage of a previous lack of cohesion among dairy farmers and the dairy supply chain - from producer farms to store shelves . Not everyone could always agree on old battles now past. But on most big issues, producers, processors and the supply chain now share common policy goals.

Post-farm bill, those large organizations, plus federal, state and local regulators are still hoping to take advantage of dairy farmers and their supply chain lacking cohesion for the policy and regulatory battles of the present and future.

Immigration, EPA, state and local environmental over-regulation, "Genetically Modified"‎ issues, and more are all serious threats that individual farmers and state dairy groups cannot fight alone.

By coming together in the same unified coalition that was so successful during the Farm Bill process, dairy farmers, processors and supportive entities throughout the dairy supply chain can accomplish what individuals alone cannot.

This is what the American Dairy Coalition is all about.

On immigration, the coalition has been able to match up dairy farmers, processors and supply chain members with their policymakers to encourage needed action when, perhaps, that farmer had no idea such policymaker was uncommitted or inactive.

On EPA issues, local or state producers under a multi-million dollar attack are receiving coalition support, as policymakers from around the country do not want unfair, costly over-regulation to spread to their states.

These are just two examples of how the American Dairy Coalition is playing a key role in protecting the desire of producers, processors and the supply chain to provide safe, nutritious, affordable dairy products to American families and, through growing exports, the world. And with each new member, the American Dairy Coalition grows even stronger and more effective.

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