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ADC Founder, Laurie Fischer and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan

  • Sustain a reliable stable workforce (a dairy guest worker program)

  • Protect dairy business investment and create greater certainty for development (streamline and reduce EPA overreach)

  • Increase consumer trust and confidence in milk through innovation, entrepreneurship and compassion
Representing the united voice for America's milk producers, processors and supply chain committed to growth and expansion through federal dairy policy and growing worldwide demand for American dairy products.


Your Trusted Voice

We are the voice of progressive, modern dairy, livestock and agriculture farmers in the nation.  We are an industry organization led by farmers.  This ensures those most effected by governmental policy have a vehicle to protect their interest and ensure the growth and future livelihood of the industry. The American Dairy Coalition focuses on federal dairy, agriculture, and livestock policy.  Successful policy making, in order to best serve our industry, must start in Washington.  We focus only on top priority issues in order to remain nimble and quickly adapt to the ever changing federal policy making environment.  To ensure the dairy, livestock and agriculture industry’s voice is heard, a consistent presence on a federal level is vital, not only to make sure the right policies are passed, but to ensure they remain protected from activist’s attempts to overturn them.

  • Introduce coalition members and our issues to key federal and state policy makers and educate them about ADC’s objectives and why our objectives are so critical to the future of dairy farming in the United States

  • Real-time updates to coalition members on critical federal policy changes, regulatory rules, and farm situations

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L to R: Leah Ziemba – Michael Best; Deric DuQuaine – MilkSource; Reince Preibus – Chief of Staff for President Trump;  Laurie Fischer - ADC




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​Laurie Fischer, ADC

ADC's Proposal for a State-Sponsored Visa Program

State-sponsored visas:
a new non-immigrant visa category created by Congress—alongside the current visa programs—to allow states to sponsor foreign workers, investors, and entrepreneurs to live and work in their states.

State-centered approach:
The Federal government has consistently shown itself incapable of predicting the labor needs of the states, and states have more local knowledge of the types of workers and immigrants that they need.

Similar to the current employer-sponsored system, states would petition the federal government to ask it to issue visas to immigrants that they wish to sponsor.

Visa Types:
States would be able to use visas to sponsor immigrants using any criteria that suited their states—high or low-skilled workers, investors, or entrepreneurs—as long as they met the federal health and criminal requirements for admission.

Role of Federal Government: The Federal government would have oversight over the system. They would conduct background checks, do interviews, and issue the visas.

Congress has plenary power over immigration and can choose to admit (or not admit) any foreign person based on whatever criterion it chooses. In this case, the criterion would be sponsorship by a state.

Examples from Other Countries:
Canada has a provincial nominee program that allows provinces to sponsor immigrants. Similar programs are used in Germany and Australia.

Immigrants are only eligible to renew their status which expires after 3 years if they comply with the rules, work only in the state sponsored them, and have the state re-sponsor them for the visa again.

Across state lines:
While individuals would be required to work in the state that sponsored them, this is actually somewhat less difficult than under the current employer-sponsored worker programs, which force them to work for a single firm. The program allows states to enter into compacts with other states to share workers under the same set of rules.

Each state would be guaranteed 2,500 visas, and a share of a pool of 125,000 visas (another 2,500 per state) based on the population of the state.

This program would not include citizenship, and it restricts access to all welfare, tax credits, and entitlements like health care.

Download State-Based Visa Program talking points here.

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