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We are an industry organization led by farmers.  This ensures that those most affected by governmental policy have a vehicle to protect their interests and ensure the growth and future livelihood of the industry. The American Dairy Coalition focuses on federal dairy policy.  Successful policy-making, in order to best serve our industry, must start in Washington.  We focus only on top priority issues in order to remain nimble and quickly adapt to the ever-changing federal policy-making environment.  To ensure the dairy industry’s voice is heard, a consistent presence on a federal level is vital, not only to make sure the right policies are passed, but to ensure they remain protected from activists' attempts to overturn them.

The American Dairy Coalition is asking you to help us build a network of truth-tellers. Together we are going to shout out all the wonderful things happening on farms across the nation and why consumers can feel great about enjoying delicious dairy products.

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This past year has ravaged the dairy industry.

Farmers and businesses throughout the supply chain have endured low commodity prices, retaliatory tariffs, natural disasters - all topped off with a global pandemic! With the 2020 Presidential election behind us, we will now begin to see a push in new policy and new regulations that could be challenging for the dairy industry.

Of particular concern, a new bill called the Farm Systems Reform Act (FSRA) is gaining momentum. The goal of this bill is to eliminate large livestock operations by the year 2040, with no large operations able to continue after Jan. 1, 2040.  With a change in administration, new leadership for the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice/Federal Trade Commission, and the USDA will be selected. Let's ensure our industry has the chance to work with leadership toward goals for a brighter future in the spirit of cooperation and common sense!

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Representing the united voice for America's milk producers, processors and supply chain committed to growth and expansion through federal dairy policy and growing worldwide demand for American dairy products.

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  • Sustain a reliable stable workforce (a dairy guest worker program)

  • Protect dairy business investment and create greater certainty for development (streamline and reduce EPA overreach)​

  • Increase consumer trust and confidence in milk through innovation, entrepreneurship and compassion

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