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As a branch of the American Dairy Coalition (ADC), the Protecting Milk Integrity Initiative works to advocate for the proper use of federally standardized terms established for the word “milk” on product labels. In an effort to provide clarity and consistency for consumers across the nation, ADC is urging the FDA to stop allowing the wrongful use of the word “milk” in branding on non-milk, plant-based alternative products. It is time to end this confusion and protect the nutritious, wholesome and pure reputation of milk that is confirmed in the current FDA Standard of Identity. 

American Dairy Coalition's Executive Advisory Committee Member and owner of Ag Inspirations Kim Bremmer, along with CEO of the American Dairy Coalition Laurie Fischer, attended the “Food and Drug Administration’s Comprehensive, Multi-Year Nutrition Innovation Strategy” meeting on July 26th. 
Kim Bremmer provided comments before a panel of FDA members at the hearing as part of ADC’s “Milk Integrity Initiative” project. She urged the FDA to not only uphold, but thoroughly enforce, its current standard of identity for labeling milk, which states milk products must derive from a lactating cow. 
“There is absolutely no product on the market that can compete nutritionally with cows’ milk, even though plant-based alternatives have been able to brand themselves as equivalent through this play on words. This has made it confusing and misleading for consumers,” Bremmer said.
ADC is urging the FDA to stop allowing the wrongful use of the word “milk” on non-milk, plant-based alternative products labels. In an effort to end confusion and protect the nutritious, wholesome and pure reputation of milk, ADC requests the administration upholds the current standard of identity for milk.


We are the voice of progressive dairy farmers in the nation. 
We are an industry organization led by farmers.  This ensures that those most affected by governmental policy have a vehicle to protect their interests and ensure the growth and future livelihood of the industry. The American Dairy Coalition focuses on federal dairy policy.  Successful policy-making, in order to best serve our industry, must start in Washington.  We focus only on top priority issues in order to remain nimble and quickly adapt to the ever-changing federal policy-making environment.  To ensure the dairy industry’s voice is heard, a consistent presence on a federal level is vital, not only to make sure the right policies are passed, but to ensure they remain protected from activists' attempts to overturn them.

September 10, 2018
Perdue Urges Congress to Pass the AG and Legal Workforce Act 

Earlier today, USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue urged Congress to pass immigration reform bill, called the AG and Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 6417
), which will expand the guest-worker program for agriculture.

“I hope Congress can see to pass that bill and give farmers and workers in agriculture an opportunity to rely on a guest-worker program without having the shadows of illegality lurking over them all the time, “ Perdue stated at a USDA conference Monday.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and co-sponsored by over 100 bipartisan Members of Congress, will create a new and updated H-2C Visa program that can be utilized for both seasonal and year-round labor needs.   This bill is also backed by the American Dairy Coalition and over 200 other industry groups. 

ADC is working with legislators throughout the U.S. to secure enough votes to pass this law. We are looking for dairy/livestock/and agriculture producers, along with allied partners in the following states, to contact ADC.


July 24th, 2018

ADC is disappointed House Leadership will not allow the House of Representatives to vote on the bipartisan AG and Legal Workforce Act before Congress returns to their home districts for the month of August.

The outpouring of letters, phone calls, and e-mails from our ADC Members across the United States were highly effective.

ADC received a call today from the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan's office to let us know he supports this bill.

Over the last several weeks the list of supporters for this bill has grown and continues growing every day. Dairy, livestock, agriculture are diligently working together. Even though we won’t see a vote this week we are making great progress.

Your legislators will be back in their home districts in August. This gives us an additional opportunity to meet face to face with our legislators and secure them as a co-sponsor of this bill. The more co-sponsors we have, the easier it will be for House Leadership to schedule a vote in early September.

ADC will continue to remain diligent and will continue working hard on your behalf until we ensure a viable labor force for your operations. 

July 11th, 2018
URGENT: Our Best Shot at a Guest-worker Program is NOW

House Leadership has announced they are committed to bringing a combination AG Act/ Legal Workforce Act to the House Floor for a vote this month.
It is absolutely critical that our industry contacts our House representatives immediately to urge them to support legislation to provide a guest-worker program for the dairy industry.
"The dairy industry cannot afford to let this opportunity go by. We must all contact our Republican Members of the House and let them know they must address the agriculture labor crisis during this Congress" said Laurie Fischer, CEO, American Dairy Coalition.

You can find your legislators’ contact information here:  https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials
If you don’t know who your legislators are, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with their contact information. You can e-mail or call them.
This bill is expected to be voted on very soon. Your action is needed NOW!
We cannot stress enough the importance of reaching out to your representatives. We have waited 20 years for an immigration reform solution to provide the reliable workforce our industry so desperately needs. Now is the time to make it happen.
The American Dairy Coalition thanks House Leadership for upholding their commitment to providing a vote for a guest-worker visa program. Additional bill details to follow as soon as they become available.
The immigration roller coaster has been fast-paced, complicated, and confusing. If you have questions,  please contact us at info@americandairycoalitioninc.com



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