• Sustain a reliable stable workforce (a dairy guest worker program)

  • Protect dairy business investment and create greater certainty for development (streamline and reduce EPA overreach)​

  • Increase consumer trust and confidence in milk through innovation, entrepreneurship and compassion

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ADC Founder, Laurie Fischer and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan

Representing the united voice for America's milk producers, processors and supply chain committed to growth and expansion through federal dairy policy and growing worldwide demand for American dairy products.


We are the voice of progressive, modern dairy, livestock and agriculture farmers in the nation. 
​We are an industry organization led by farmers.  This ensures that those most affected by governmental policy have a vehicle to protect their interests and ensure the growth and future livelihood of the industry. The American Dairy Coalition focuses on federal dairy, agriculture, and livestock policy.  Successful policy making, in order to best serve our industry, must start in Washington.  We focus only on top priority issues in order to remain nimble and quickly adapt to the ever-changing federal policy making environment.  To ensure the dairy, livestock and agriculture industry’s voice is heard, a consistent presence on a federal level is vital, not only to make sure the right policies are passed, but to ensure they remain protected from activists' attempts to overturn them.

​​​3/20/18 Update:
​​An Immigration Fix for Ag Still Possible
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) recently sat down with AgDay TV host Clinton Griffiths to discuss his bill, the Agricultural Guestworker Act. This bill creates a new, workable agricultural guestworker program for America’s farmers and ranchers and is also contained in the Securing America’s Future Act (H.R. 4760).
Watch video and learn more here.

1/11/18 Update:
​​Agriculture Guest Worker Provision Added to the “Securing America’s Future Act”
The American Dairy Coalition is very pleased to announce an Agriculture Guestworker Provision has been added to the “Securing America’s Future Act”. Along with this guestworker provision for the dairy, livestock and agriculture industry, the bill bolsters enforcement of existing immigration laws. It is vital to our industry that this guestworker provision is workable and allows current unlawful workers and additional new workers a legal status which allows them to work at agricultural facilities.  ADC understands the importance of getting this language right and is working closely with Chairman Goodlatte’s office and other trade associations on additional improvements.
The Securing America's Future Act includes numerous reforms to enforce immigration laws and secure the border with the following provisions: 

-Authorizing a border wall construction
-Secures ports of entry
-Adds additional Border Patrol Agents
-Makes E-Verify mandatory
-Removes dangerous criminals
-Provides individuals who received deferred action on the basis of being brought to the U.S. as minors get a 3-year renewable legal status allowing them to work and travel overseas (without advance parole).

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas), House Judiciary Committee Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee Chairman Raul Labrador (R-Idaho), and House Homeland Security Committee Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee Chairwoman Martha McSally (R- Ariz.) jointly introduced this bill (H.R. 4760). 

Learn more about the Securing America's Future Act

For more than 20 years, the members of the American Dairy Coalition have looked to our federal government to fix our broken immigration system. As dairy producers who provide consumers around the world with nutritious, safe and affordable dairy products, more manpower than ever is needed to milk the cows, tend the fields and keep the dairy industry viable.
These low-skilled, but vitally important jobs, are passed up by domestic workers time and time again — regardless of increased starting wages and benefit packages. These unfilled jobs are important for creating the higher-skilled jobs that employ thousands and thousands of domestic workers.
The bottom line: If dairy producers cannot find the labor they need, our nation must either import workers or import dairy products from foreign countries. Outsourcing our dairy industry would be devastating for not only the dairy industry, but for all domestic workers employed by the economic generation of the dairy industry. 
The dairy industry currently does not have the means to utilize a visa program. This puts the dairy industry at a distinct disadvantage, and puts the jobs of American citizens who support the dairy industry at risk. 

Learn more about ADC's immigration priorities here.

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