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Immigration research from Cato Institute
A report from Cato Institute  finds that the chance of a U.S. resident dying in a terrorist attack on U.S. soil committed by a foreigner was just 1 in 3.6 million per year from 1975 to 2015. Among refugees, the risks are even smaller, just 1 in 3.6 billion—1,000-fold less than the risk from foreigners generally. For those who entered illegally, the chance was just 1 in 10.9 billion. For comparison, the likelihood of being murdered by a non-terrorist over this period was 1 in 14,275. 

Additional Research from Cato Institute

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National Milk Producers Federation: 
​Losing Immigrant Workers on Dairy Farms Would Nearly Double Retail Milk Prices and Cost the Economy More than $32 Billion, Report Finds

​Half of all workers on U.S. dairy farms are immigrants, and the damage from losing those workers would extend far beyond the farms, nearly doubling retail milk prices and costing the total U.S. economy more than $32 billion, according to a report commissioned by the National Milk Producers Federation.

The report, which includes the results of a nationwide survey of farms, found that one-third of all U.S. dairy farms employ foreign-born workers, and that those farms produce nearly 80 percent of the nation’s milk.

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The full report can be found here.

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