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Agricultural Guestworker Act (AG Act)

​The American Dairy Coalition applauds the outstanding effort by Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Representative Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) Agricultural Guestworker Act of 2017 (AG Act).  This bill provides a workable solution for the United States of America’s nourishment production industry.  The AG Act is desperately needed by the dairy, livestock and agriculture industry who need a reliable workforce to remain in business and provide the safe, affordable and abundant food supply that American consumers demand along with affordable nutrition for people across the globe.

The Agricultural Guestworker Act (AG Act) replaces the impractical H-2A program with a sensible guestworker program. The new visa catagory (known as H-2C) is designed to boost the modern agricultural labor market as needed.

• The AG Act eliminates bureaucratic red-tape. The program will be administered by the USDA which understands the unique needs of America’s farm and ranch operations and the challenges of processing raw, perishable agricultural commodities.

• The AG Act is market-driven and adaptable. By offering workers and employers more choices in their employment arrangements, the Ag Act offers flexibility and makes it easier for workers to move freely throughout the marketplace to meet demands. With limited exceptions, H-2C workers can be employed under contract or at will.

• The AG Act reduces costly and abusive litigation.
- Unlike the Senate bill, the AG Act does not give guestworkers a new, private right of action to sue farmers and ranchers in federal court.

- In response to unremitting criticism of the behavior of taxpayer- funded Legal Services Corporation (LSC) attorneys from every corner of the countryside, as well as from LSC’s own Office of Inspector General, LSC attorneys are not permitted to participate in lawsuits against the H-2C employers.

• The AG Act eliminates the Adverse Effect Wage Rate once and for all. Under this program, employers will pay guestworkers minimum wage + 15%, not a wage dreamed up by Labor Department bureaucrats.

• The AG Act creates a modern and streamlined agricultural guestworker program. Under the program, registered agricultural employers will attest to their need for workers when efforts to recruit U.S. workers do not yield the help they need.

• The AG Act recognizes that not all agriculture jobs require the same level of skill and experience. This program gives employers the opportunity to invest their time training workers for specialized or hard to fill jobs by allowing workers an initial stay of 36 months.

• The AG Act does not require growers to train and hire unneeded workers after their workforce is established and work begins (thereby eliminating the often-abused “50% rule“.)

• The AG Act gives employers the option of providing housing and transportation to workers.

• The AG Act serves the diverse interests of the agriculture industry. The adaptable program will support aquaculture operations, dairies, food processors and other year-round agricultural employers. The Agricultural Guestworker Act provides farm labor stability. The bill will encourage illegal farm workers to identify themselves, participate in the program (to the extent that work is available), and return home to re-establish ties to their home countries.

• The AG Act requires a maximum periodic touchback of 45 days. The worker can accumulate time outside the U.S. toward the touchback total during the initial 36 months of their visa.​

Download additional information about the AG Act here.

Learn more about ADC's immigration priorities here.