American Dairy Coalition Inc.
PO Box 10976, Green Bay, WI 54307-0976
Phone:  920-288-7190
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Who We Are

We are the voice of progressive dairy farmers in the nation. We are an industry organization led by farmers. This ensures only the most affected by governmental policy have a vehicle to protect their interests and ensure the growth and future livelihood of the industry.

The American Dairy Coalition focuses on federal dairy policy. Successful policymaking, in order to best serve our industry, must start in Washington. We focus only on top priority issues in order to remain nimble and quickly adapt to the ever-changing federal policy-making environment. To ensure the dairy, livestock and agriculture industry’s voice is heard, a consistent presence on a federal level is vital, not only to make sure the right policies are passed but to ensure they remain protected from activists' attempts to overturn them.

Members of the coalition know their donations go directly towards funding the work we do on their behalf. Moving forward federal policy changes require huge efforts that involve large costs, membership donations assure we can keep our forward momentum rolling.

​​Laurie Fischer, Founder and CEO

Laurie Fischer, well known in Madison, throughout Wisconsin, and in Washington, D.C. for her tenacious efforts on behalf of dairy farmers, is the founder of the American Dairy Coalition. Fischer, formerly Director of the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association (DBA), has broad and in-depth knowledge of policy and the political process along with extensive personal relationships built up over many years with key political leaders in both the State and Federal capitols.

Meet the rest of the ADC leadership team.