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American Dairy Coalition Policy Goals

Restore Financial Stability to the U.S. Dairy Industry:  Dairy producers are in financial peril.  The entire dairy industry depends on the financial stability of our nation’s milk producers as they provide the foundation the entire industry is built upon.  During the past five years, producers have struggled through depressed milk prices and a decade-long decline of fluid milk consumption.  The impact of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. dairy products has only further exacerbated an already stressed industry.   The American Dairy Coalition aims to put pressure on the current administration to remove the retaliatory tariffs on U.S. dairy products. In addition, the ADC will work with the FDA to ensure dairy products are labeled accurately in order to avoid consumer confusion and maintain the integrity of dairy products for children and adults around the globe. 

Alleviate Lack of a Reliable Legal Workforce: Dairy producers across the nation lack a reliable workforce to maintain and grow their current dairy operations with confidence.  Year after year, domestic workers pass up employment opportunities on dairy operations in favor of less-physical types of labor.   Current guest-worker programs do not provide a legal avenue for the year-long labor needs of the dairy industry.  ADC will work to move a guest worker program forward, which provides an adequate labor force for the dairy industry to alleviate current labor shortages. 

Roll Back Overburdensome Regulation: Sustainability, clean drinking water, and a safe environment for all Americans is supported by the ADC. Often regulatory rules are designed to limit the profitability of dairy producers.  The American Dairy Coalition advocates for fair and unambiguous rules designed to improve the environment.  We will oppose costly overburdensome policy and regulatory administrative rules,  which are vague, costly and do nothing to improve the condition of our environment.