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Margin Protection Program: A Safety Net, Survival Tool or Fairy Tale – Webinar 9/21/16

So, Who’s Going to Milk Our Cows – Learning the Details of Immigration Reform – World Dairy Expo 10/7/16 and Webinar 11/16/16

Dairy Industry in Panic: Getting Prepared for an ICE Visit – Webinar 2/17/17

Capitol Hill is Knocking at your Door – Does Dairy Policy Keep You up at Night? – Central Plains Dairy Expo 3/29/17

​Wisconsin CAFO Meeting and Congressional Policy Updates including Immigration Reform – Green Bay, 4/13/17

Immigration Reform: Is the Agricultural Guest Worker Act (AG Act) finally the solution? – World Dairy Expo, 10/5/17

Status of CERCLA and EPCRA Reporting - What do you Need to Know? - Webinar 11/13/17

​Central Plains Dairy Expo Women's Conference - Immigration Reform: Is The New Agricultural Guestworker Act the Answer for Reliable, Year-round Labor? - Sioux Falls, SD - 11/15/17

​Central Plains Dairy Expo - Help is on the Way - Seminar & Reception - Sioux Falls, SD - 3/28/18

2018 Dairy Outlook Forum at the World Dairy Expo - 9/4/18

Dairy RP Presentation 2019: Take Action Today To Put Money In Your Pocket When You Need It - 1/25/19

“No-Match Letters” - Webinar - 5/7/19

Milk Minute Live - World Dairy Expo - 10/3/19

RECAP: American Dairy Coalition's Dairy Industry Outlook 2021

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ADC's presentation held on 12/10/20 featured a panel of experts who provided cutting-edge information, including:

Dave Crass, Partner- Michael Best
Industry Group Chair, Agribusiness, Food & Beverage

Jamie Vander Molen, VP-Newtrient
Sustainability Initiatives & Outreach

Mary Ledman, Global Strategist


View Presentation Part One (PDF)
Carbon Neutrality Could be Profitable:
Attaining Key Environmental Goals By Pioneering New Innovative Profit Streams 

View Presentation Part Two (PDF)
Dairy Industry Outlook 2021: Will Negative PPDs Continue & How to Manage Risks with Mary Ledman