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Non-dairy plant alternatives are not equivalent to milk in nutrient value, despite their marketing techniques that attempt to brand them as so. These dishonest branding techniques make it extremely difficult for consumers to select products that will meet their dietary needs and the needs of their children. 

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What is the Protecting Milk Integrity Initiative? 

​​As a branch of the American Dairy Coalition (ADC), the Protecting Milk Integrity Initiative works to advocate for the proper use of federally standardized terms established for the word “milk” on product labels. In an effort to provide clarity and consistency for consumers across the nation, ADC is urging the FDA to stop allowing the wrongful use of the word “milk” in branding on non-milk, plant-based alternative products. It is time to end this confusion and protect the nutritious, wholesome and pure reputation of milk that is confirmed in the current FDA Standard of Identity. 

We must expect that our efforts towards pushing the FDA to uphold the Standard of Identity for milk will be met by the efforts and financial backing of many groups who wish to encourage FDA to widen this standard to include plant-based products.  The consequences of this would be catastrophic to the already struggling dairy industry.  Therefore, your monetary efforts are vitally needed! Your donations will go directly towards our efforts to protect the integrity of milk.

It's time to take back the word "milk!"

ADC is urging the FDA to stop allowing the wrongful use of the word “milk” on non-milk, plant-based alternative products labels. In an effort to end confusion and protect the nutritious, wholesome and pure reputation of milk, ADC requests the administration upholds the current standard of identity for milk. 
The dairy industry is encouraged to submit their individual comments to FDA.
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1. Submit your comments here. COMMENT PERIOD NOW CLOSED.
​    You can view a comprehensive list of talking points here.

2.  Complete the FDA’s Request for Information Survey here.  The new deadline is Jan 25, 2019.

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The dairy industry is in a state of crisis.

​Dairy farms are going out of business at an alarming rate and the price of milk continues to decline. Meanwhile, the sales of plant-based alternatives are up 61 percent over the past five years and are projected to continue to gain market share into the future. As the consumption of fluid milk continues to decrease, we simply can no longer stand by and let deceitful 
plant-based alternative beverage marketing tactics slide by unchallenged.

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