FASTalk Video Series

September 2018

Featuring Kim Bremmer of Ag Inspirations

The per capita consumption of fluid milk hit a record low and is expected to remain low with sales in 2018. It’s already down 2 percent year to date. This is happening at the same time plant-and nut based beverages are expected to reach a record high in 2018.
Consumers are increasingly purchasing dairy-free alternatives. The main factor driving consumers to choose plant-based alternatives is their perception who believe plant-based alternatives are better for them. Click here or below to watch the video to learn more!

About Kim Bremmer, Owner of Ag Inspirations
Are you looking for a keynote or breakout presenter? Contact Kim, a nationally recognized speaker who specializes in teaching those in the dairy industry how to answer the hard questions and connect with everyday consumers!

Kim started Ag Inspirations with a mission to inspire farmers to tell their stories, connect people to where their food comes from, and represent the great success of American agriculture today. She is passionate about teaching the story of sustainable agriculture and the role of science, technology, and innovation in how we grow and raise food. 

Kim is an academy member of the National Speaker’s Association, the Wisconsin state coordinator for Common Ground, a regular contributor on Rural Route radio, and is the president of Wisconsin Women for Agriculture. She serves on the Executive advisory counsel for the American Dairy Coalition and in the EPA Animal Agriculture Discussion Group. Kim specializes in communication and connecting with everyday consumers AND is a vocal champion of agriculture everywhere she goes…from the grocery store to the airport.

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